Education and Resources

Education and Resources

Our Screen Printing Education and Resources Section aims to share information on screen printing techniques and best practice.

We offer Academy Training Days and have been offering screen printing classes for over five years, within this time we have trained hundreds of happy students in our fun filled environment. All of our courses are held at our showroom. The next training course date: Friday 6th October.

If you are serious about moving into screen printing as a business then we also have a Finance option available at Dave Roper Ltd. Get in touch for more information.

At Dave Roper we do our best help those who wish to work in the screen print industry but are not sure where to start.

Always feel free to call us on +44 (0) 1562 829 009.

We are now releasing our Screen Print Training in a series of emails. Our training advice is given in separate sections, the series will include advice on the following;

Five Key Points
Introduction to Art
Films and Output
Introduction to Screens
Setting up a Screen Room
Job Prep and Printing
Curing Parameters
Breaking Down a Job
Bonus Tips and Advice including a Glossary of Printing Terminology

The first release starts on Wednesday 4th October. You will receive an email welcoming you to the series with a PDF attachment of the first section. Then, for the next nine weeks you will receive an email each Wednesday morning with the following section. Once the ten weeks have finished you will be armed with some great information to succeed in the world of Screen Printing.

Don’t forget us though, when you’re rich and famous!

Sign up below before Wednesday 4th October to receive the first release of the training series. If you miss the first date, don’t worry, we will be doing a second release starting Wednesday 13th December.

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