Saving money and time by choosing the right tape.

Saving money is a constant challenge for screen printing shops, big or small. However, it’s worth spending a few extra pennies and pounds to avoid long-term headaches. This is certainly the case when it comes to sourcing tape for your screens. Although it may seem cheaper and more convenient to use plain shipping tape, this money-saving move might actually end up costing you more in the long run. Read more

How to sensitise a dual part emulsion

How to sensitise our 2 part emulsions; Screen Sol QT and Screen sol QT.

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Screen Printing Tips: How to reclaim a screen and remove the emulsion.

By using the Easiway Easisolve 500 Emulsion Remover you can remove emulsion with ease. This is the lowest cost emulsion remover on the market and the only concentrate…

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Screen Printing Tips: How to remove a stain

Here Dave shows you how to get rid of stains in the screen printing mesh. It’s a really simple process, but listen carefully. The product used here is Easiway 415 Stain and Haze remover.…

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Top tips for using plastisol ink

Top tips on using plastisol ink from Dave Roper (M.D.) and Nick Walker (Sales and Technical Support) Read more

Screen Printing Tips: Is a dark room necessary when using emulsion

Here Dave talks about why it’s no longer necessary to use certain types of emulsion in a dark room.

You will find our emulsion here:…

And emulsion suitable for DIY Screen Printing here:…

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Screen Printing Tips: How to load a t-shirt onto the platen

Dave is giving you some tips on how to load a t-shirt onto the platen ready to print. As Dave said, he has had years of experience at this and this is the best way he found to load a shirt quickly and effectively.

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Screen Printing Tips: How to set up ready to expose

Here Dave explains how to set up ready to expose. He will talk through points and tips regarding the best exposure units. If you ever need any help choosing the right unit for you just give us a call and we would be happy to help. The number is 01562 829009.

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