See you at Printwear and Promotion Live

Are you ready for Printwear and Promotion Live 2018?!

We certainly are!

We can’t wait to catch up with our customers and meet new potential ones too.

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Join the party, the Print Party!

The Print Party

We love any excuse to party so we are continuing the celebrations throughout 2018 with our new membership scheme.

If you order twice or more a month, want a free sample per month or want first dibs on used equipment this is the perfect party for you.

Becoming a party goer will also provide you with a free entry into our Printers Directory, meaning more exposure for your business.

So don’t be a party pooper and join today!

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Top 50 Screen Printing Blogs

Wow, 20th in the Top 50 Screen Printing Blogs!

We are proud to announce that we made it into the Top 50 Screen Printing Blogs List, at number 20 we are quite proud. However, there is much more to come from us in 2018 so keep your eyes peeled.

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Pantone Color Institute: PANTONE Fashion Colour Trend Report

Screen Reclaiming

Screen Reclaiming with Easiway Systems

Once your job is printed and finished, the screen is ready to be cleaned and processed ready for recoating and re-exposing. It’s very important to maintain a system and have an understanding of the screen reclaiming process to ensure that you do not encounter time consuming breakdowns on the press or waste time exposing screens that do not develop properly – you can very rarely make a bad screen print well.

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Easiway Systems Earns 2017 Supply & Demand Executive Green Supply Chain Award

Congratulations goes to Easiway on being awarded a Green Supply Chain Award

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One Step Ink Cleaner & Emulsion Remover – Easiway Easistrip SUPRA

This Ink and Emulsion remover provides a revolutionary, streamlined approach to cleaning and reclaiming your screens. The solution dissolves both plastisol and water base ink, water soluble screen blockout, direct emulsion and capillary film as well as tape adhesive residue!

SUPRA can be used in two different ways; in a Dip Tank or Manually applied. When used with a Dip Tank you mix the SUPRA concentrate at a ratio of up to 1:5 with water in a tank. Then, when applied manually to a screen, you should use the SUPRA at full concentrate. Read more

Unsung Heroes of the Print Shop

Welcome to the start of our unsung heroes video series.

We are showing our appreciation for what they do day-to-day in the print shop/print world. Whether that’s doing the printing or running the whole shop. Without these people we wouldn’t be getting our printed t-shirts! Read more

Why use Tekmar TB-10, a water based pallet adhesive.

What is TB-10?

The Tekmar TB-10 is a bulk pallet adhesive. It is a non-aerosol water based adhesive, that dries almost instantly, has excellent flash resistance and holds its tack longer than virtually all other adhesives. It is applied via an affordable range of pneumatically driven spray systems that virtually eliminate over-spray, and also eliminates having to dispose of any aerosol cans.

When used, Tekmar TB-10 water based adhesive and the TARGET Applicator Systems are the perfect environmental solution, guaranteed to save ££’s over aerosols and other semi automatic systems.

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Why remove tape from your screens ASAP.

If you have read our latest product of the week mailer (w/c 18th September) then you will have noticed it’s all about tape.

Tape has many uses, the main one being masking the edges of your screens.

However, when you leave tape on the screen for a long time it can become VERY tricky to peel off, as you can see from the video below.

Removing tape from your screen is a MUST before you put it in the DipTank ready to reclaim. This will be twice as hard if you don’t remove tape from the screen.

Although, there is another solution. Choose the Screen Printing Blue White Split Low Tack Tape. This tape has a non-adhesive half to ensure the tape is easy to peel off after use.


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